How to Join

Steps to Joining the TAAA

(Note: These instructions are for people joining TAAA for the first time. If you are already a member transitioning your account to MemberPlanet, please see this page instead.)

Our membership services are hosted by MemberPlanet. When you join the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association, you will simultaneously become a member of MemberPlanet. There is no additional charge for this service.

1. Click the Begin Signup button below

The MemberPlanet login page will open in a new tab of your browser. Please refer back  here for further instructions.

2. Fill Out the Create an Account form

MP Login Screen
The MemberPlanet screen looks like this.

Please note that the Birthday field is legally required by MemberPlanet. The email address and password you create here will become your login to TAAA’s member-only¬† pages. When you have finished entering your info, click the Create My Account button.

3. Your Profile: Provide Home Phone and Address

The only required fields the on first Profile screen are your home phone number and address. Click the Edit buttons to enter this info.

Please be sure to select Home from the Phone dropdown menu and click the SAVE button when you’re done with each edit !


When you’ve completed the required fields, click Continue.

4. Your Profile: Alternate Address

The alternate address field is optional. If it isn’t relevant to your situation, just click the Continue button.

5. Choose Your Membership Level


Click Continue.

6. Checkout


7. Join the Astronomical League (Optional)

Your club membership entitles you to a discounted Astronomical League rate. Click the link provided to join AL.

8. And you’re done! Welcome to the club!

“Go to my home page” takes you to YOUR MemberPlanet home page. “Go the the group’s profile” will take you to our TAAA section.

9. Logging in After Joining

Just click the Sign In button at the top right of any screen on the website and use the credentials you entered at the beginning of the join process.