Starry Messenger SIG

Starry Messenger PhotosIf you see a good movie, you recommend it. Find a good restaurant, you can’t wait to spread the word. It’s human nature to share things we enjoy. That’s at the root of Starry Messengers. We have a passion for astronomy and want to share it with others.

Each year, the TAAA’s extensive outreach program puts our members in contact with about 10,000 people at schools, churches, parks, and community centers. And, still more people are reached during the week-long Grand Canyon Star Party which is coordinated by the TAAA annually.

There are two levels of engagement as a Starry Messenger.

SMSIG Leadership

The leadership team has the awesome responsibility of directing the TAAA outreach program. We meet five times during the year to decide the details of key TAAA outreach events. We also provide training to volunteers participating in those events. Any TAAA member interested in outreach is welcome to become a member of the SMSIG Leadership team.

Outreach Volunteer

The success of our outreach program depends on volunteers. In addition to members bringing their telescopes to our outreach events, we also have interactive, hands-on projects that assist the public in understanding astronomical concepts. It’s very satisfying to hear people say “Wow” when they look in amazement through a telescope or grasp a concept from one of our outreach kits. When people suddenly see the light, faces brighten and they can’t help but smile. You’ve given them a personal experience of something greater than themselves.

Interested in more information about our outreach program? Contact us at smsig [at] tucsonastronomy [dot] org.