Bill Lofquist (Member at Large)

bill-lofquist1I joined the TAAA in the mid-1990s after having just a passing interest in astronomy prior to that. So I became more intensely interested in the hobby rather late in life. I got my first telescope shortly after joining the club, and have developed a passion for observing. I have participated in several Messier Marathons, with the best result of spotting 107 of the 110 objects. I have done the Messier Observing List of the Astronomical League, and am currently working on the Herschel 400 Observing List. I have also participated in a dozen or more Grand Canyon Star Parties.

I became a member of the TAAA Board of Directors during the early 2000s and have enjoyed serving in that capacity. In 2007, while serving as President, I suggested that we get serious about creating a first class dark observing facility. Since that time I have been the coordinator of the Strategic Planning Group for the development of the Chiricahua Astronomy Complex. I enjoy participating in the processes of organizational development and believe we have made great progress in the building of our dark observing site.

I enjoy participating in both our School/Nonprofit Star Parties and the Astronomy Services Program. Now that we are putting emphasis on creating opportunities for more sustained mentoring of young people in astronomy, I foresee our encouraging even more young people to become serious astronomers, both as hobbyists and professionals.