Directions to Chiricahua Astronomy Complex

Lat.: 31º 52’ 4” Long.: 109º 30’ 54”

The Chiricahua Astronomy Complex (CAC) is about 90 miles and a 1½ hour drive from the TTT Truckstop at Craycroft Road and Interstate 10.

  • Take I-10 East from Tucson past Benson.
  • Exit I-10 at Dragoon Road (Exit #318) – Turn right onto Dragoon Road at bottom of exit ramp.
  • Travel 13.5 miles east to intersection with Route 191 and turn right (south).
  • Travel 17.9 miles south (past the town of Sunsites and the Border Patrol checkpoint) to intersection with Route 181 at Sunizona and turn left (east).
  • Travel 10.9 miles east to intersection with S. Price Ranch Road and turn right (south). S. Price Ranch Rd. is a dirt road just before you reach mile post 49 (cluster of mailboxes on right on Rte. 181).
  • Travel ½ mile south on S. Price Ranch Rd. to intersection with E. Perseus Way (wide dirt road with E. Perseus Way street sign on left) and turn left (east).
  • Travel east on E. Perseus Way slightly more than ¼ mile to entrance of Chiricahua Astronomy Complex (twin brown gates flanked by white rail fences set back 50 feet from road).