Requesting A School or Youth Group Party

TAAA members are dedicated to sharing the wonders of the night sky with school and youth groups throughout the school year. These “Star Parties” give our members a chance to share their knowledge of astronomy with students and parents alike! There is no charge for school star parties; this is a service our organization provides to our community. Due to high demand, this community service is recommended for grades 3 (age 8) and up.

School Star Party Scheduling Coordinator
Jim Knoll
520 – 241 – 311(three)
school-star-party [at]

Star Party Request Form 

Upon receipt of your Star Party Request, we will send you a confirmation that your date has been “locked-in.”

We require a minimum of six weeks notice for any star party, and book up early in the school year.

Contact us as early as possible!

Preliminary Steps

Some preliminary steps are necessary before submitting your request for scheduling of your star party. You should obtain permission by your school administrator before scheduling your star party event. Also review the star party request form to insure that you gather the required information before submitting your request. (Dates can be competitive, and we can not confirm your date without complete documentation.)

Useful Links

Teacher’s Corner
See available resources and instructional materials to create activities for your event.
Planning Your Star Party
Get ideas for your event theme and helpful instructions on event planning and promotion.