Private Star Parties

Telescopes and Observing Support for Conventions and Private Events

The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association is pleased to offer a unique service in southern Arizona: observing the night sky with telescopes! One of the TAAA’s most important goals is to share the beauty of the night sky; and, this dedication shows through with our members who operate the telescopes for these events.

Private parties

On-site Private Events

The TAAA has the capability to support everything from a small group with a single telescope to a large convention requiring ten or more telescopes. We bring the astronomy service right to your event location whether it be a private residence or a resort hotel. Working with your event coordinator, we select the optimum viewing site to maximize the experience while maintaining the safety of your guests. Our Astronomy Services coordinator can provide information regarding cost based on your specific needs.

Night Sky Observing

There is no better place than southern Arizona to view the wonders of the night sky. So many people, visitors as well as local residents, have never looked through a telescope or seen dark, evening skies littered with stars. The experience will be an enjoyable and memorable one for your guests.

Our clear, dry, light pollution-free skies yield impressive views of the planets, our own Moon, the constellations, galaxies beyond our own Milky Way galaxy, fascinating star clusters, as well as incredible gas clouds out in deep space. State-of-the-art telescopes provide a window to the universe and bring otherwise invisible celestial objects into plain view with incredible detail. The rings of Saturn, the cloud bands and moons of Jupiter, and the craters and seas on the Moon are easily seen through our telescopes. These and other sights are all thoroughly described by our talented and enthusiastic operators.

Daytime Observing

If you require a daytime activity, the TAAA also offers solar viewing. We can accommodate safe observing of our Sun through telescopes fitted with special filters that highlight prominences and sunspots to offer a fascinating view of our own star.


For more information about this unique service contact:

Bill Lofquist
TAAA Astronomy Services Coordinator
520 – 297 – 665(three)
star-party-events [at]