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Services We Provide

Community Star Parties

Public Star Parties – Star Parties open to the public

  • Catalina State Park
  • Oracle State Park
  • Parks and Recreation

Member Star Parties – Star Parties for members and invited guests

Private/Convention Star Parties – Paid star parties

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  • Special Occasions
  • Conventions
  • Resorts

Astronomy Extravaganzas

  • Astronomy Festival
  • Grand Canyon Star Party

Other Non-Star Party Events

  • Tucson Festival of Books

Mentoring Youth/Adults

  • Boy Scouts
  • Boys/Girls Clubs
  • Star Party Volunteers
  • How to observe – Observing Clubs

Tools We Use

  • Knowledgeable Volunteers
  • Excellent Educational Materials
  • NSN Tool Kits
  • Quality Equipment – Binoculars, Telescopes and Accessories